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Artisan Designed Jewelry

Our Mission

Helping our customers express their love and caring for others through fine artisan-designed jewelry.

Artisan Designed Jewelry

Why Garcia & Company?

Providing a unique jewelry experience that is focused on the dreams and caring expressions of our Garcia & Co customers.

Hi, There!

Garcia & Co. Jewelers is the Four Corners' most trusted local jeweler. Not just because we hand-pick our jewelry for the best quality (which we do), not just because we've been doing this for 25 years (which we have), and not just because our staff is highly trained in terms of professional and technical knowledge (which they are), but because we treat our clients like family. We make sure our clients get what they want and what's best for them, and not just what we want to sell them. We care about the person and their special occasion, and not just making the sale.

A Sense of Privilege and authenticity… Garcia & Co is One of a Kind

  • There are other jewelry stores, but there is only one Garcia & Company jewelry and luxury experience
  • Our customer relationships will be enduring and customer-focused, creating an experience of lasting value and enduring quality

So Why is the Garcia Experience so Special?

  • Our role is to create a jewelry owning experience that will reflect our customer’s expressions of love and enhance their lives.
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